Co-working Space in Baguio for the Digital Nomad

One of the best things about the digital age is we can now work from anywhere. For the digital nomads, all we need is a laptop and an internet connection to be productive, whether we’re in a coffee shop, on a beach, or in a co-working space.

Be it a place with all the amenities for a comfortable workspace or a café where you’re more than welcome to stay, there’s a space to get your work done in Baguio City.

1. Calle Uno Co-working Hub

Going first is the co-working hub at Naguilian Road, Calle Uno. Sounds familiar? You may know the place by the cozy coffee shop Nest. Or you’ve heard of their traffic stopper opening in 2017 with all the Volkswagen cars turned into food trucks.

At present, the hub houses Nest coffee shop and Highland Smokehouse, among other food joints. The working area is located on the second floor. It’s decorated with retro posters and I actually find the place very homey. You’re free to use any space where you think it’s best to get your work done. I once stayed in a room surrounded by vinyl and turntables.

As I have mentioned, there is a coffee shop and a couple of food joints where you can get your food. The co-working hub charges P350.00 for walk-ins and P500.00 for a 24-hour stay.

What I love the most about this place is that I can keep to myself and it’s easy to focus with the location just on the outskirt of the bustling city center. This means, it’s quiet and people keep to themselves. There’s no need to worry if someone’s looking over your shoulder to see what tab you have open on your laptop. Plus, the internet connection’s more than decent despite having numerous people connected.

2. Patch Café

The café is the go-to place for college students studying or hustling their due requirements. The hotel café won’t charge you for hours of stay, but there’s a fee of P50.00 for each device you charge.

Aside from college students running on caffeine, you’ll most likely see tourists flocking the place since the café is located in Bloomfield Hotel. With that, Patch is usually jam-packed, so I only opt for the café when I’m out early. That way, I know I can secure a good seat by the electrical outlet.

Since Patch café can get crowded in the afternoons, I usually stay only for a few hours. Ideally, in the morning so other incoming customers can get a seat. It’s basic courtesy, as technically, the café IS a café and not a proper working hub. Still, a great place to get your work done while chugging coffee.

What I love about this place is, ironically, the busy environment. There are days that I get motivated to work when surrounded by people busy with their own work. Other than that, they have a great menu of food and drinks.

3. Gloria Jeans and Café

This is my as-of-the-moment go-to working space. Again, located in a hotel in Baguio City. However, unlike Patch Café, this space is rarely packed. They have a business nook tucked at the corner of the café with a great street view.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the time, Hotel Supreme holds business events. Thus, the people you’ll encounter are professional workers and businessmen holding meetings. The café is below a hall, so from time to time, you can hear muffled sounds. But other than that, there aren’t much disturbance.

The hotel café advertises its place as a working space, so feel free to stay for as long as you want. I remember staying at the café from 7 a.m to 3 p.m. The wait staffs leave you on your own, and they’re all very accommodating.

What I love about Gloria Jeans and Café is that they don’t charge you fees for using their Wi-Fi or charging your device. So I basically just pay for the drink and pastry I get.

4. Il Padrino

This café is located at Session Road. You may have passed by Il Padrino or bought one or two of their mini cakes. Moreso, as great as their cake is, you can dine and stay at the café while you get your work done.

While this place is not advertised as a working hub, you’re more than welcome to sit at their tables and ask for access to their guest Wi-Fi. There are no charging ports, and like every busy café I work at, I only stay for a few hours.

What I love about Il Padrino is they have tables tucked at the back of their dining area. While the lighting is dim and very moody, I love that it’s still comfortable and offers a bit more hushed and private seating.

In this day and age, it’s definitely a bit easier for digital nomads to get their work done. It’s true that all we need is our laptop and a decent internet connection. Truth be told, internet connection isn’t even our top priority when looking for a space. It’s really just decent coffee and a good table. Not a wobbly one.

I am aware most of the places I listed are cafés. And that’s because most of us opt for cafés instead of working hubs that charge us hundreds. Not only that, but Baguio City is unlike Metro Manila where there are hundreds of co-working hubs. And even then, people prefer staying at cafes to get their work done.

In a nutshell, while Baguio City doesn’t have many options for co-working hubs, the city is surrounded by cafés where you are more than welcome to dine and work.

Humor me. I would also like to add Starbucks as an honorable mention. While the Starbucks at Porta Vaga doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, I love that they have a dining space where it’s library silent. Unlike the Starbucks at TechnoHub and SM, where it’s for friends and family catching up, this branch is ideal for those who want to drink coffee and work in silence.



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